Extra Programs

Extra Programs

Easter Program

We kick off the year by helping our clients and residents celebrate Easter. We supply our clients with a full meal they can make at home including a ham, sides and dessert. In addition all children in the shelter and clients who bring their children receive an Easter basket full of candy and extras.

Summer Program

During the summer months when the kids are out of school, Loaves and Fishes provides a “Summer Program” for all school-aged children currently living in the shelter. We provide them with lunch and field trips. This allows our resident parent(s) to continue to work towards self-sufficiency.

Back To School

As children get ready to head back to school, low-income families face another dilemma … school supplies. Loaves and Fishes would like to help relieve parents of this burden by supplying all school-aged children with backpacks filled with supplies that will aid them in their learning experience.


Considered by many to be the biggest food holiday of the year, many families will gather around the turkey to celebrate. For someone who struggles to buy food Thanksgiving can be a frightening time. Loaves and Fishes takes the fear out of Thanksgiving and provides their clients with a Thanksgiving meal, to be cooked in their own homes, for the whole family complete with a turkey, dressing and all the trimmings.


The season of giving is just that at Loaves and Fishes … a time to give. We provide not only a Christmas dinner that can be prepared in their own home but we also distribute presents and stockings to all of children affiliated with Loaves and Fishes. Santa Claus even stops by to interact with the children and wish them a Merry Christmas.

If you would like to donate to one of these programs or register to receive from one of these programs, please call the Loaves and Fishes office at 314-291-3857

* Please note, Pre-registration is required and eligibility requirements must be met.

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