Who We Are

Our Mission & Values

Provide uplifting and supportive services that allow our clients to become financially secure and have a stable home.
We promise to treat all individuals with dignity and respect.


The seed of Loaves and Fishes was planted in 1981 when a homeless man knocked on the door of Dr. Donald C. and Dr. Dorothy M. Femmer’s home at 2750 McKelvey Road. The man was given a tomato sandwich and was offered heart felt conversation. That day the Femmers vowed that no one would ever leave their home hungry again. That seed grew into a small food pantry and makeshift shelter that served thousands of individuals and families through the ’80s and ’90s.

Today Loaves and Fishes has matured into a thriving food pantry and homeless shelter that provides food for over 300 people and housing for over 300 families each year. Loaves and Fishes exists to serve those who have been struck by economic hardships, providing them with resources and support to help them realize self-sufficiency.

Board Of Directors

Loaves and Fishes is over seen by a volunteer Board of Directors. These directors are dedicated in their effort to continue the tradition of Loaves and Fishes to provide a food for the hungry and a home for the homeless.
Laura McKenney - President
Anne deLeon - Vice President
Mary Born- Secretary
Pete Pankratz
Sandy Galloway
Robin Hake
Joe Skerness
Joe Quinn

Executive Director

Jacki MacIntosh - Executive Director

Advisory Board

Patrica Lawrence
Dr. Steven Verity
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